NANOfIM 2016

Student Best Poster Award

This year we will give the „Student Best Poster Award“

If you are a student studying Master Micro- and Nano Systems or Master Mikrosysteme und Mikroelektronik at TU Chemnitz you´ll get the chance to participate with your poster in the NANOfIM conference in September where the best posters are shown and where you'll give a short presentation about your poster topic if you reach one of the first places in the evaluation.

You can make a poster about your master thesis or of a research project you have done or you are doing.

To take part you need to fill in the registration form and create a scientific poster. Registration form will be given soon.

The registration form and the poster has to be send as pdf to NANOfIM.
As submission title use "student poster award", also zip-format is required for uploading the documents.

The IWIS committee will review the posters to identify the best ones, who will participate in the NANOfIM conference.
The quality criteria will be published soon.

The best poster presentation will get, chosen by the NANOfIM committee, the „Student Best Poster Award“.

Submission Deadline for the posters is the 20. August 2016

--Here you can find the poster template and the registration form--

1. The given template is just for describing the project that does not
include the title
2. The font size and font:
Headings - 48pt - Roboto Condense - Bold
Content - 40pt - Roboto Condense
Sub content/figure/Table caption - 38pt - Roboto Condense