NANOfIM 2016

Call for Papers

Abstract/ Manuscript Submission

Prospective participants to NANOfIM 2016 are invited to submit a full manuscript, which shall be written in English with a minimum of four pages including state of the art, main idea of the contribution, reached results and practical application.

All submitted manuscripts will be peer-reviewed and the submission system has a process to identity and reject fraudulent reviewers and papers. Moreover the process has also an antiplagiarism system.

Call for papers

Please use the templates provided on the IEEE website:

If you want to submit your abstract as MS word-file please attach your figures separately (Fig_"no"_"name") as .png-, .eps- or .pdf-file in a preferably high-resolution quality.During abstract submission please provide figures as separate files.

Please use our conference management tool to make a submission.

Under the upstanding link the conference program can be accessed soon.