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Professur Hochfrequenztechnik und Theoretische Elektrotechnik
Professorship of Microwave Engineering and Electromagnetic Theory

The professorship for Microwave Engineering and Electromagnetic Theory takes a crucial point in the aspects of state-of-the-art communication (systems) and in the field of propagation of high speed data transmission. It also laid the foundations in the area of positioning of objects in space and remote sensing and offers a vast field of action. The necessary mathematical basis for this is given e.g. in courses in the field of electromagnetic theory and numerical field calculation problem solving.

Prof. Chandra is working and teaching in high-frequency, microwave & millimeterwave and fundamentals of microwaves.

+++ Dear students,
all members of the professorship try to carry out the teaching in digital form as well as possible under the special conditions.
It is true that it is only possible to achieve an equivalent knowledge transfer to a limited extent. You are invited to supplement the digital courses with intensive self-study.
The exam period for the summer semester usually takes place from mid-July to mid-August.
The usual form of examination is the written test. If it is possible to write exams, they will be adapted to the content of the subject covered in this summer semester. If it is not possible to write exams at this time, we will consider the possibility of postponement or, in time-critical cases, the possibility of another form of examination.
Please refrain from further individual inquiries.
If there is any new information, we will notify you here immediately.
+++ Important Announcement +++
Teaching in the Chair for Microwave Engineering and Electromagnetic Theory during the Corona Isolation
The chair for High Frequency Engineering and Electromagnetic Theory will offer E-learning during the period of Corona isolation. All students, who intend to attend courses offered by the professorship should register for their chosen courses in the OPAL system, as soon as possible


This important step will enable the registered student to keep track of the offered mode of E-learning (i.e. Video presentation, Streaming etc.) and the scheduling of the E-learning sessions. Should the student be taking more than one course offered by the professorship, the student must register in the OPAL system for each course, separately.
Important: Registration in OPAL is necessary for (1) establishing E-communication between the lecturer and the student, and (2) making E-learning and the course material available to the student.