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fahrE - Concepts of multi-modal electric mobility using local renewable energies
The Researchgroup

Early Stage Researcher group fahrE - Concepts of multi-modal micro mobility using local renewable energies

fahrE is the joint project of an interdisciplinary groups of early stage researchers from the fields of Psychology, Human Factors and Ergonomics, Communication Engineering, and Power & High-voltage Engineering.

Today mobility is high rated in everyday life. Most trips, even the short distance ones, are done by car. Fossil fuel resources become scarcer and increasingly expensive.

Hence, sustainable transport systems become increasingly important. Such transport systems could be electric vehicles, mainly charged with renewable energies. The goal of the fahrE project is to develop a sustainable mobility concept for short and medium trips.

Within this framework, a pool of electric vehicles which are interconnected with an intelligent grid will be provided to users. The intelligent grid will regulate charging according to current user needs and the fluctuating availability of renewable energies. It will also provide all necessary information about the vehicles available at specific moments and their charging level. This information will be integrated in a smartphone application (mobility assistant), which will offer suggestions to the user on how to reach his destination in the quickest and most environmentally friendly way.

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