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Automatic Control and System Dynamics
Automatic Control and System Dynamics

Dr.-Ing. Pavel Osinenko


Room: W137, Weinhold-Bau
Telephone: +49 371 531-30325
Telefax: +49 371 531-830325
Mail: pavel.osinenko@...
Office hours: by arrangement


Ongoing projects

  • BigApple: control and systems theory for optimization of apple production
  • See description here

  • Sensor vehicle
  • See description here

  • Predictive control and reinforcement learning
  • The major goal is to study optimal control of systems with unknown dynamics from the perspective of reinforcement learning. Some important questions are: to what extent can artificial controllers imitate the process of natural adaptation in an unknown environment? What can imitate natural reward and punishment? What may be an analog of natural energy optimization?

    Reinforcement learning is an approach to optimal control that tries to predict the behavior of the cost function whereby the prediction has an infinite extent in time. The problem is open-horizon in the sense that the agent tries to apply such actions that all the future performance marks be optimized. Learning the behavior of the system and the optimal cost are the core of the approach. Specific learning methods range from simple polynomial models to artificial neural nets.

    Within the project, students study and perform simulations and laboratory investigations with the most actual reinforcement learning methods. Thereby they discover similarities between different advanced optimal control approaches. The project offers great educational potential in identification and optimal control theory.

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  • Constructive control theory
  • Addressing mathematical foundations of control theory from the standpoint of constructive mathematics, whereby formal verification of control systems and implementation of control-theoretic theorems in proof assistants such as Coq and Minlog is of special importance. Students with good skills in mathematics and programming are welcome to participate. Example publications: 1, 2, 3.

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