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Automatic Control and System Dynamics
Automatic Control and System Dynamics

Optimal Control

Organisation and Notes

Extent (SWS) Lecture: 2 SWS / Exercise: 2 SWS / Practical course: 2 SWS
Term Winter semester
Events, Lecturer, Location Link to the current schedule
Exam Presumably written exam
OPAL Registration and course material

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  1. Finite-dimensional optimization
  2. Static optimization
  3. Dynamic optimization
  4. Variational problems with finite horizon, LQ-control
  5. Model Predictive Control
  6. Numerical algorithms and techniques
  7. Implementation within several areas

Exercises, evidence tasks and course material

  • provided online in OPAL

Desirable final skills

  • Acquisition of knowledge concerning optimization methods for linear and nonlinear control


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  2. Papageorgiou, M.; Leibold, M.; Buss, M. : Optimierung Statische, dynamische, stochastische Verfahren für die Anwendung. Springer. 2012