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Professur Organische Chemie

Alumni of the Research Group Banert


M. Sc. Sandra Bochmann

Master thesis entitled "Strukturuntersuchungen bei vermeintlichen 1H-Azirinen" from April 2013 till November 2013.

Dr. rer. nat. Madhu Chityala
Dissertation entitled "Chemistry of Cyanoform (Tricyanomethane) and Rearrangement of 1H-1,2,3-Triazoles to the Corresponding 2H-Isomers" from Oktober 2012 till June 2016.

Dr. rer. nat. Neeraj Singh
Dissertation entitled "Generation of 4,5-Dihydro-1,2,3-oxadiazole and Study of the Decomposition Products" from October 2011 till June 2015.

Dr. rer. nat. Frank Richter
Dissertation entitled "Development of the Solution-Spray Flash-Vacuum-Pyrolysis Technique in the Synthesis of Allenyl Isothiocyanates and Synthesis of Complex 2-Amino-1,3-thiazole Derivatives" from March 2011 till June 2015.

Dr. rer. nat. Sebastian Richter
Dissertation entitled "Neue binäre CN-Verbindungen sowie Vorläufersubstanzen von monomerem C3N4" from October 2008 till November 2014.


M. Sc. Liu Hailiang
Project: "Generation of new formyl compounds" from September 2011 till October 2013.

  Dipl. Chem. Philipp Thoss
Diploma thesis entitled "Reaktionen des Azidoacetylens" from November 2011 till August 2012.


Dr. rer. nat. Christian Berndt
Diploma thesis entitled "Reaktionen ungesättigter Aldehyde mit Stickstoffwasserstoffsäure" from Februar till October 2008. Dissertation entitled "Gleichgewichtslage und Reaktionen von α-Azidoalkoholen" from Oktober 2008 till March 2013.

  Dipl. Chem. Heiko Peisker
Diploma thesis entitled "Untersuchung von antiaromatischen 1H-Azirinen" from March till November 2012.

Samia Firdous


Dr. rer. nat. Samia Firdous
Dissertation entitled "Synthesis and Reactions of α-Azidoalkohols" from October 2007 till October 2011.

  Dipl. Chem. René Arnold
Diploma thesis entitled "Erzeugung von Ethinylaziden aus Ethinyliodonium-Salzen" from January till September 2011.

  Dipl. Chem. Matthias Petzold
Diploma thesis entitled "Hydroazidierung von Iminen" from January till September 2011.

  Dipl. Chem. Alexandra Käßner
Diploma thesis entitled "Synthese eines Azaspiropentadiens" from January till September 2011.

Ronny Fritzsche


Dr. rer. nat. Navid Ramezanian
From October 2007 till February 2011.


Dr. Biswajit Saha
Alexander von Humboldt fellowship holder, Project: "2,3-Bridged 2H-Azirines: Synthetic Tools in Organic Chemistry" from January 2009 till January 2011.

  Dr. rer. nat. Oliver Plefka
Dissertation entitled "1,3-Dipolare Cycloaddition von N2O an hochreaktive Mehrfachbindungen" from March 2007 till January 2011.

Ronny Fritzsche Dipl. Chem. Ronny Fritzsche
Diploma thesis entitled "Stereochemie bei der Synthese von 2-Fluornorbornanen" from March till December 2010.

Jens Wutke Dr. rer. nat. Jens Wutke
Diploma thesis entitled "Versuche zum Aufbau käfigartiger 1,2,3-Triazole durch regioselektive Cycloaddition" from February till September 2006.
Dissertation entitled "Synthesen und Reaktionen von Ethinylaziden" from January 2007 till September 2010.

Enrico Penk Dr. rer. nat. Enrico Penk
Diploma thesis entitled "Versuche zur Synthese von 1,2-Diazaspiro[2.4]hepta-1,4,6-trienen" from February till October 2003.
Dissertation entitled "Synthesen und Reaktionen neuer Brückenkopf-Azirine" from November 2003 till September 2009.

Frank Strehler Dipl. Chem. Frank Strehler
Diploma thesis entitled "Intramolekulare Reakionen von Allenylisothiocyanaten" from October 2008 till September 2009.

  Dipl. Chem. Sebastian Hommola
Diploma thesis entitled "Friedel-Crafts-Reaktionen mit Allenylisothiocyanat" from November 2008 till September 2009.

  Dr. Aymn Rashad
DFG fellowship, Project: "Synthesis and analysis of heterocyclic compounds with biological activity" from June 2009 till July 2009.

Ingmar Polenz Dipl. Chem. Ingmar Polenz
Diploma thesis entitled "Mehrfache Diels-Alder-Reaktion von Silicium-Sorbyl-Derivaten" from October 2008 till May 2009.

  Prof. Dr. Mabrouk Teguiche
Guest Researcher, "Spectral Analysis of Heterocyclic Substances" in April 2009.

Ingolf Scharf Dr. rer. nat. Ingolf Scharf
Diploma thesis entitled "Reaktionen von Bi-2H-azirin-2-ylen" from November 2001 till December 2002.
Dissertation entitled "Synthesen und Reaktionen akzeptorsubstituierter Diallene" from January 2003 till January 2009.

Patrick Schumann Dr. rer. nat. Patrick Reiner Schumann
Diploma thesis entitled "Diels-Alder-Reaktionen mit Bistriazoldienophilen" from November 2003 till September 2004.
Dissertation entitled "Diastereomere Makrocyclen auf Basis von Bistriazol-Dienophilen und Sorbyl- und Sorboyl-Derivaten" from October 2004 till April 2008.

Anne Bohle Dipl. Chem. Anne Bohle
Diploma thesis entitled "Untersuchungen zur sigmatropen Umlagerung organischer Azide" from November 2006 till June 2007.

Young-Hyuk Joo Dr. rer. nat. Young-Hyuk Joo
Diploma thesis entitled "Synthese und Photolyse von 1,2,3-Triazafulvenen" from March 2002 till January 2003.
Dissertation entitled "Synthesen und Reaktionen von organischen Polyaziden" from March 2003 till June 2007.

  Dipl. Chem. Nicole Siebert
Diploma thesis entitled "Versuche zur Erzeugung von 1-Azido-1-alkinen" from February till November 2006.

  Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Ihle
Diploma thesis entitled "Synthese und sigmatrope Umlagerung von 3-Cyanatopenta-2,4-diensäureestern" from November 2001 till September 2002.
Dissertation entitled "Synthese neuer makrocyclischer Triazolsysteme" from October 2002 till August 2006.

Barbara Meier Dr. rer. nat. Barbara Meier
Diploma thesis entitled "Synthese und Reaktionen eines neuen Azidofulvens" from February till November 2002.
Dissertation entitled "Synthese und Reaktionen von Brückenkopf-Azirinen" from December 2002 till March 2006.

Dr. Rachid Tahir
Alexander von Humboldt fellowship holder (Georg Forster Program), Project: "Synthetic and natural phosphates, green heterogeneous catalysts for the synthesis of fine chemicals. Application to the reactions of Friedel-Crafts and preparation of biologically active boronic-chalcones" from January till December 2005.

  Dr. rer. nat. Baker Salim Yacoub Jawabrah Al-Hourani
Dissertation entitled "Generation and Succeeding Reactions of Allenyl Isothiocyanates" from December 2001 till October 2005.

  Dr. rer. nat. Rodolph Joseph Fotsing
Dissertation entitled "Synthesen und Reaktionen neuer 2-funktionalisierter 2H-Azirine" from April 2001 till December 2004.

  Dipl. chem. René Dathe
Diploma thesis entitled "Aufbau einer Spray-Blitzvakuumpyrolyse-Apparatur" from February till September 2004.

  Dipl. chem. Jenny Kahl
Diploma thesis entitled "Reaktionen von Schwefel-Nukleophilen mit Cyclopropylsulfonaten" from February till September 2004.

  Dipl. chem. Andrea Kuhtz
Diploma thesis entitled "Diels-Alder-Reaktionen von 2-Azidobuta-1,3-dienen" from February till August 2004.

  Dr. rer. nat. Mohammad Hasan Al-Omari
Dissertation entitled "Synthesis of Alkynes from Bi-3H-diazirin-3-yls: Trapping of Strained Cycloalkynes" from January 2001 till January 2004.

  Dipl. chem. Dirk Zabel
Diploma thesis entitled "Reaktionen von 2-Norbornylsulfonaten mit Schwefel-Nucleophilen" from February till October 2003.

  Dipl. chem. Holger Müller
Diploma thesis entitled "Synthese von 5-Isocyanatopenta-2,3-diensäureestern durch sigmatrope Umlagerung" from February till August 2003.

  Dr. rer. nat. Beate Müller
Diploma thesis entitled "Sigmatrope Umlagerungen mit Beteiligung von Stickstoff und Schwefel" from October 1996 till August 1997.
Dissertation entitled "Synthesen und Reaktionen neuartiger Azidocyclopentadiene" from September 1997 till September 2002.

  Dr. rer. nat. Frank Köhler
Diploma thesis entitled "Synthese und Reaktionen eines konjugierten Spiroazirins" from November 1995 till August 1996.
Dissertation entitled "Synthese von Bi-2H-azirin-2-ylen und deren Valenzisomerisierung zu Diazinen" from February 1998 till July 2002.

  Nermeen Gomaa (currently at Helwan University, Egypt)
Ph.D. student, Project: "Synthesis of functionalized thiazoles via attack of heterocyclic nucleophiles on allenyl isothiocyanates" from December 2000 till March 2002.

  Dr. rer. nat. Antje Melzer
Diploma thesis entitled "Cyanat-Isocyanat-Umlagerung" from October 1995 till August 1996.
Dissertation entitled "Vinylazide - Synthesen und Reaktionen" from December 1996 till October 2001.

  Dr. rer. nat. Jana Schlott
Diploma thesis entitled "Folgereaktionen von Azoallenen" from October 1994 till September 1995.
Dissertation entitled "Synthese von 1,2-difunktionalisierten 1,3-Butadienen über eine Sequenz [3,3]-sigmatroper Umlagerungen" from October 1995 till February 2000.

  Dr. rer. nat. Claudia Schöffler
Diploma thesis entitled "Synthese von umlagerungsfähigen Dithiocyanaten" from October 1994 till September 1995.
Dissertation entitled "Propargylazide als Ausgangsmaterialien für Umlagerungsreaktionen und Heterocyclensynthesen" from October 1995 till September 2000.

  Dr. rer. nat. Christoph Toth
Diploma thesis entitled "Synthese und Reaktionen von Vinylselenocyanaten" from September 1993 till September 1994.
Dissertation entitled "Synthese und Reaktionen neuartiger Tellurocyanate" from March 1995 till December 1999.

  Dr. rer. nat. Anett Müller
Diploma thesis entitled "Neue Synthesen und Reaktionen von Isothiocyanaten" drom October 1994 till September 1995.
Dissertation entitled "Neue Synthesen und Reaktionen von Vinylthiocyanaten" from November 1995 till September 1999.

  Dipl. chem. Nicole Lasch
Diploma thesis entitled "Reaktionen von 1-Brom-3-buten-2-olen mit Thiocyanat" from November 1997 till October 1998.

  Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Fendel
Diploma thesis entitled "Umlagerungen chlorsubstituierter Norbornyl-Kationen" from May till October 1993.
Dissertation entitled "Darstellung 1,2-difunktionalisierter 1,3-Butadiene über sigmatrope Umlagerungen" from January 1994 till February 1997.

  Dipl. chem. Kerstin Baake
Diploma thesis entitled "Synthese von difunktionalisierten Propargylverbindungen" from November 1994 till October 1995.

  Dipl. chem. Diana Partsch
Diploma thesis entitled "Addition von Dirhodan an konjugierte Enine" from October 1994 till July 1995.

  Dr. rer. nat. Silvio Mais
Dissertation entitled "Synthese von N-Benzhydryl-anilinen und Untersuchungen zu Struktur-Eigenschafts-Zusammenhängen hinsichtlich der Photoleitung in Polymermatrizen".