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International Student - Mentor Program


Institute of Chemistry Mentor Program

Starting from winter semester 2013/2014 International Student Mentor Program will be offered at the Institute of Chemistry at TU Chemnitz.

New university, foreign country and technical language are often a quite high barrier to get successfully started in your studies. Our Mentor Program team supports international students from Bachelor's and Master's program (Institute of Chemistry) to be able to fulfill any requirements of their degree program. Supervised by seniors (mentor) regular meetings will take place to enable active communication and assistance. Main focus of these meeting lies on providing detailed explanations about degree program, showing how to obtain study-related information, and teaching essential academic language ability in German as scientific language at Institute of Chemistry.

Goals and contents of Institute of Chemistry Mentor Program

  • overcoming language barriers in German as a scientific and technical language at the Institute of Chemistry
  • assistance and guidance in scientific working techniques (structure of lab journals, preparation for lab courses, how to obtain information from scientific literature)
  • inculcating team spirit
  • assistance and guidance in any organizational study-related concerns
  • support and advice in case of problems and difficulties
  • benefiting form experience of seniors and other international students
  • strengthening empathy with the institute and your subject of study

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