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Successful Unsolicited Applications

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 Für Studierende (TU Chemnitz)
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 Für internationale Studierende
Zeit:17:00 - 20:00
Trainer/-in:Rosie Norman
max. Teilnehmer:12

Join us in a workshop about unsolicited applications. It will entail the following:

  • What is an unsolicited application and why they are so important
  • Which firms are best for unsolicited applications
  • What kind of research is required for a good unsolicited application
  • How to put yourself in the spotlight
  • What to put in your unsolicited application + an example of an unsolicited applicaton
  • Highlighting your strengths
  • Elevator pitch
  • What should you talk about and what should you definitely not mention

All registered participants will receive an email with the necessary information to join a few days before the event.