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Dear students,

the Career Service cordially invites you to the recruiting event TUCconnect on November 25th, 2021.

On this day you’ll have the opportunity to get in touch with many local and nationwide companies from different sectors. No matter if you’re looking for an entry-level job, an internship or a master thesis at a company – our networking event offers all of that.

Due to the rising numbers of new infections, the increasing hospitalisation rate, the restrictions that are accompanied by the hygiene concept of TU Chemnitz and the comparatively low number of students on campus, we unfortunately had to decide to conduct the TUCconnect as an exclusively digital event.

To enable you to get in contact with as many fascinating companies as possible in a safe manner, we will use the app ‘talentefinder’. ‘talentefinder’ works very much like conventional dating apps but instead of finding a romantic partner you can search for a match with a company. To make the use as easy as possible, there is no need to download anything, as ‘talentefinder’ is a browser-based application. You can have a look at their website and YouTube-Channel to find more information on how it works.

The TUCconnect will not be restricted to one single day. The starting date (November 11th, 2021) marks the beginning of the registration and matching period. For the next two weeks, you'll be able to have a look at the profiles of the participating companies. If you give a company a like and they do the same with your profile, you will have a match. This will enable you to use a built-in text messenger to chat with a representative of that company to find a timeslot for a conversation on the event day. For the whole event, German proficiency will be critically important as most information will be presented in German and many companies appreciate applicants being able to hold a conversation in German.

For the day of the event – November 25th, 2021 – your options depend on the COVID-19 situation. If companies cannot be on campus (digital), the only possible private conversations will be those that have been arranged beforehand via ‘talentefinder’. In this case, companies will have the additional option to use a webroom to get in touch with you. One way or the other, open positions will be posted on the ‘talentefinder’ job wall. Further information will be provided in the app.

You can now register yourself here.

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André Claren
André Claren

Tel.: 0371 / 531 35 587