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Career Service

TalentTransfer - a project of the StepIN program

Every year 21.000 students graduate from one of the many Saxon universities – and you are one of those students. Because the regional economy is urgently looking for young talents, we do all we can do to help you find a fascinating job – here in this region.

The goal of the TalentTransfer project is to spark the interest of students in Saxony for the regional economy. It exists in three Saxon areas - around Leipzig, Dresden and Chemnitz. Together with the Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau, the Hochschule Mittweida and the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, the Career Service of Technische Universität Chemnitz take cares of the region of southwest Saxony.

With diverse offers (e.g. leisure activities, interactive workshops and practical facility visits) we want to enable you to meet interesting potential employers in a relaxed atmosphere. You will find a large selection on the following pages.

When it comes to Saxon companies you might be thinking Porsche, Siemens and the Leipzig trade fair. That is correct, but it is not the whole picture. The (southwest) Saxon economy and industry offer a broad spectrum of exciting companies and therefore potential employers. Some of them are hidden champions in innovative niche areas which, unfortunately, are barely known by students and alumni. Here, we would like to help out with our event series Spotlight.

In regular intervals, we will use digital networking events to present you employers of different fields and demands who are currently searching for interns, working students and full-time employees.

For each event we will focus on one company! This way we want to make sure that your questions are being answered and that you have all the time you need with the head of HR of that company.

Date Company, location Looking for

1-3 p.m.
Systec electronic AG, Heinsdorfergrund near Reichenbach Hard- & Software developers / Workingstudents / Theses

1-3 p.m.
axilaris GmbH, Chemnitz technical IT support staff / PHP developers / Java backend developers / Interns / Working students

1-3 p.m.
Krempel GmbH & Co. Pressspanwerk KG, Thalheim/Erz. Key Account Manager / Specialist Internal Sales / Senior Specialist Legal Counsel / Interns / Working students

13:00 - 15:00 Uhr
BE-terna Industry Solutions GmbH, Auerbach Application Engineer / Solution Consultant / Working students / Junior Consultant

You can find more information about the companies on the following page.

The link provided here leads you to register for the Spotlight series of events.

Following last year‘s very successful STUDI meets PRAXIS, we are organizing a next iteration of this format in 2021. This time we focus on humanities and social sciences. Students and graduates of these studies of all Saxon universities are hereby cordially invited to participate.

Key data for the networking event

3.30-6 p.m.
We will use Big Blue Button
Registration via event calendar

After a vivifying panel discussion, you’ll have the opportunity to get in contact with exciting regional companies that are explicitly looking for humanity and social science students (and graduates). For this we will use breakout rooms. Afterwards you can participate in various job-entry workshops.

(Click on the image to reopen it as a pdf)

With the help of the companyZoom tool, you can use a topographical map of Southwest Saxony to find great companies. Checking out the 360° panorama tours you can get to know their company buildings. This way you can visit these premises prior to physically being there and you’ll receive further information on the company.
Use the website to keep up to date with our events, to get to know regional companies and register for events all over Saxony.

With the following map you can get a first overview of small and medium-sized companies in the region (including rural areas).

By clicking on it you will get access to a PDF in which the individual companies are linked.


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InTUCgrate - a project of the Integra program

The InTUCgrate project prepares refugees and international students for entry into the German labour market by teaching them essential basics:

  • Improvement of language skills through pre-vocational language seminars
  • Application of language skills at the "Language Dinner"
  • Improvement of interdisciplinary skills through social engagement and placement in volunteer positions in student initiatives and associations in Chemnitz
  • Promoting integration and sense of belonging

Through improving German language skills and organizing voluntary activities, the project supports the acquisition of key competences, which are particularly important for successful integration into the German labour market. In addition, local networking with civil society actors is intended to promote integration and a sense of belonging.

The project improves language skills through pre-vocational language seminars. In addition, a regular "Language Dinner" provides an opportunity for participants to use their German skills with German and other international students by interacting in a pleasant atmosphere.

InTUCgrate is closely linked to the project "Welcome at TU Chemnitz" of the International University Center of TU Chemnitz and is in close contact with it to offer refugee students optimal support.

If you have good knowledge of German, you will find it easier to conduct a successful job interview, integrate into the company and establish contacts with your colleagues. We give you the opportunity to improve your German skills for everyday work through language seminars. This course teaches you important terms in areas such as job interviews, business correspondence, meetings, phone calls or customer conversations.

The next language course will take place in September 2021.

This course is intended for refugee students and other international students with a knowledge of German at B1 level or higher. Since the number of participants is limited to 12 students, we will conduct a selection procedure.

If you would like to take part in the course, please send us the following documents:

  • Proof of German language proficiency (at least B1 level with certificate)
  • Current transcript of records
  • Letter of motivation in German or English including the indication of your country of origin

If you have any questions or if you want to register, please send an e-mail to

Take the chance to speak German with other students!

Together with the initiative kulturcampus we organise the "Language Dinner" every Tuesday & Thursday from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

This gives you the opportunity to apply and expand your German skills with German and other international students by interacting in a pleasant atmosphere.

Due to the current situation, the Language Dinner will take place via BigBlueButton. This is where you get to the room.

The topics are only a suggestion, and of course we also talk about other topics. Our aim is above all to speak as much as possible. You can look forward to small conversations in breakout rooms, questions about inspiration and language games.

The theme stays the same on both days of the week, so you can decide whether you want to participate on Tuesday, Thursday, or both days.

Join our Language Dinner Community on Facebook:

Dates and themes

Datum Thema ENG
13./15.04.2021 Digitales Lernen und Leben Digital learning and living
20./22.04.2021 Kindheitserinnerungen Childhood memories
27./29.04.2021 Gesund im Homeoffice Staying Homeoffice-healthy
04./06.05.2021 Bewerbung in Sachsen Job application in Saxony
11./13.05.2021 Klimawandel und Naturschutz Climate change and nature protection
18./20.05.2021 Familienzeit Family time
25./27.05.2021 Vorurteile und Diskriminierung Prejudice and discrimination
01./03.06.2021 Kochen und Backen Cooking and baking
08./10.06.2021 Vorteile des Ehrenamts Advantages of volunteering
15./17.06.2021 Lerne deine Persönlichkeit kennen! Get to know your personality!
22./24.06.2021 Freizeitaktivitäten mit Abstand Leisure activities with keeping distance
29.06./01.07.2021 Bücher, Filme, Serien Books, films, series
06./08.07.2021 Soziale Medien Social media
13./15.07.2021 Study-Life-Balance Study-life balance

The project focuses on the placement of international students in voluntary activities in order to strengthen their interdisciplinary skills. This way, students can develop their communicative skills, teamwork, self-initiative, willingness to take responsibility, motivation and organizational skills. Particularly international initiatives at TU Chemnitz are addressed as well as associations of the city of Chemnitz that are open to international members.

Would you like to volunteer with a student initiative or an association in Chemnitz?

Send us an email to!

Hi everyone,
We want to encourage you to get out of your apartment (in a safe manner) and get to know your surroundings a bit better. So, feel free to follow our little rally close to Campus which will also bring you into one of the green resorts of the city. Below you see the map with some locations we picked that you should know and further down you have links to little videos letting you know more about those locations. Check this out and give us some feedback on how you like this offer and whether we should go for even more tours. If you’re interested in showing us and the rest of (TU) Chemnitz your favourite spots of the city – let us know. We would be happy to make this a community project.

Beginning: TUC Campus | Youtube:
  1. Technologie Campus | Youtube:
  2. Bus/tram station Techno-Park | Youtube:
  3. Giving and taking
  4. Junction Bundesagentur für Arbeit/Jobcenter | Youtube:
  5. Entering Stadtpark | Youtube:
  6. Spinnerei/Boulder Lounge | Youtube:
  7. Roundabout Südbahnhof | Youtube:
  8. German Bakery Groschupf | Youtube:
  9. Subbotnik | Youtube:
  10. Fairteiler Vettersstraße | Youtube:
  11. Sportplatz/StuRa | Youtube:
  12. Club der Kulturen/Mensa | Youtube:
End: Orangerie | Youtube:

Das Integra-Projekt wird vom DAAD aus Mitteln des BMBF gefördert.

Dein Ansprechpartner

André Claren
André Claren

Tel.: 0371 / 531 35 587

Career Coach


You know that you have to write a CV, but do you know which style is preferred in Germany?
You know that you have to write a cover letter but what information should it contain?
You might know the national job search engines, but do you know the local ones?
You know to shake hands when first meeting your potential employer, but do you know how hard to squeeze his/her hand?
You assume to dress formally for a job interview, but would you wear a tie? How much skin do you show?

To these and other questions we will find an answer in this free intensive career coaching. The limited offer aims to assist those (former) international TUC students that are interested in staying and working in Chemnitz or its surroundings. Individual coaching and on-topic workshops will assist you in your preparation for and support you on your way into the local job market. Among other forms, you will receive help writing your CV and cover letter. You’ll be able to practice job interviews and how to approach a company at a job fair (if Corona allows for such occasions). And I will also assist you in finding suitable open positions.

This offer is for you if you are a(n) (former) international student of TU Chemnitz that is

  • looking for an internship,
  • a company where to write your thesis or
  • are about to finish, or already have finished, your studies and are now looking for a full-time job.

My name is André. I’m a former student of this university and have been quite active in the student initiative “F.R.I.E.N.D.S. of TU Chemnitz” which aims to improve social life on campus and hopes to help internationals to find a great social circle in Chemnitz. Now, I’m happy to help you start your career here.

There are three requirements you should fulfill in order to get a spot at this program:

  • You have to be interested and motivated to stay and work in Chemnitz or its surroundings for at least a few years
  • You have to have a certificate of German B1 or higher (this is exceptionally important as German is a basic requirement for most jobs in Saxony)
  • You have to be a student of TU Chemnitz or an alumni of this institution

If you want to participate in this coaching please send your application to I have a maximum capacity of 25 so better put some effort into it ;) Please attach your updated CV (as a word document), a copy of your German certificate and a letter of motivation detailing why you want to live and work here and why YOU deserve this coaching.

I’m looking forward to working with you.

All the best

André Claren

Your contact person

André Claren
André Claren

Tel.: 0371 / 531 35 587