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Information in English

Infothek - Kategorie: Information in EnglishIn this section you find a lot of information on work-related topics like soft-skills, application documents or job interviews. All articles in this section are in English.

Musings on making career choices

You are just about to graduate and now looking for a job? Scared to not find one? About to take 'any' job? Scared to make the 'wrong' decision? Well, you're not the only one. Thorough research is the key to finding your entry job.

Datum: Montag 22. September 2014
How to find Keywords for your LinkedIn profile

Whether you're active on LinkedIn or Xing: Think carefully about the words you use in your profile. After all: you'd like your future potential employer to find you there. Here, you'll find some ideas on how to find search engine optimised (SEO) Keywords.

Datum: Montag 22. September 2014
How to find a job in the Czech Republic as a foreigner

Looking for a job in our beautiful neighbour country? Have a look at this article to get some ideas on how to find one.

Datum: Mittwoch 17. September 2014
When is the right time to talk to you about your future?

At the beginning of your studies you have loads to think about: make new friends, understand how university 'works', organise your life, learn to feed yourself... For many, there is so much exciting new stuff to learn and experience, that the issue of 'career' is miles away. This article by the Manchester Uni Career Service provides you with a couple of ideas on how to combine student life and career orientation... Have fun and explore!

Datum: Montag 08. September 2014
Fix me up with my perfect job!

Congratulations, you will soon be a graduate, carrying a diploma and the title of Bachelor and/or Master. But what then? If you have never actually thought about what you would really like to do now, it's about time you started. Here, you can find some questions to help you find the right job and make the next decisions - good luck!

Datum: Mittwoch 03. September 2014
How to Answer the Top 5 Interview Questions

Congratulations, you've landed an interview with your application - finally! That is only the first step, as big as it may be. Now you have to face a new challenge, usually a face to face one. Here are some valuable tips on how to prepare for your job interview and how to rock it. Good luck!

Datum: Freitag 29. August 2014
The Elevator Pitch: When to use it and why

You'd really like to work for DreamCompany, the perfect employer for you. Then one day, all of a sudden, you find yourself in the elevator of a huge department store and next to you stands - the CEO of DreamCompany! You have about one minute until the doors open, one minute the CEO HAS to listen to you. With these tips, you'll be able to make the most of this so-called elevator pitch.

Datum: Dienstag 26. August 2014
Saxony Business: A Promotional Video

Here, you'll find a short video about Saxony, its economy and some of the major employers to be found in the Freestate.

Datum: Mittwoch 20. August 2014
10 things you should know before working for a startup

One of the subjects you should look into when planning you career entry is the type of company you would like to work for. Are you looking for a global player or do you prefer a small and agile startup? In this article, you'll find some information regarding the - possible - working life peculiar to a startup.

Datum: Mittwoch 20. August 2014
Healthy Hunting: Mind, Body, Wellness & Job Search

Job hunting can be very stressful at times - especially if it takes a while to find 'the right thing'. Here are some tips for staying healthy and keeping in balance while on the prowl for the new profession.

Datum: Montag 28. Juli 2014