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You know that you have to write a CV, but do you know which style is preferred in Germany?
You know that you have to write a cover letter but what information should it contain?
You might know the national job search engines, but do you know the local ones?
You know to shake hands when first meeting your potential employer, but do you know how hard to squeeze his/her hand?
You assume to dress formally for a job interview, but would you wear a tie? How much skin do you show?

To these and other questions we will find an answer in this free intensive career coaching. The limited offer aims to assist those (former) international TUC students that are interested in staying and working in Chemnitz or its surroundings. Individual coaching and on-topic workshops will assist you in your preparation for and support you on your way into the local job market. Among other forms, you will receive help writing your CV and cover letter. You’ll be able to practice job interviews and how to approach a company at a job fair (if Corona allows for such occasions). And I will also assist you in finding suitable open positions.

This offer is for you if you are a(n) (former) international student of TU Chemnitz that is

  • looking for an internship,
  • a company where to write your thesis or
  • are about to finish, or already have finished, your studies and are now looking for a full-time job.

My name is André. I’m a former student of this university and have been quite active in the student initiative “F.R.I.E.N.D.S. of TU Chemnitz” which aims to improve social life on campus and hopes to help internationals to find a great social circle in Chemnitz. Now, I’m happy to help you start your career here.

There are three requirements you should fulfill in order to get a spot at this program:

  • You have to be interested and motivated to stay and work in Chemnitz or its surroundings for at least a few years
  • You have to have a certificate of German B1 or higher (this is exceptionally important as German is a basic requirement for most jobs in Saxony)
  • You have to be a student of TU Chemnitz or an alumni of this institution

If you want to participate in this coaching please send your application to I have a maximum capacity of 25 so better put some effort into it ;) Please attach your updated CV (as a word document), a copy of your German certificate and a letter of motivation detailing why you want to live and work here and why YOU deserve this coaching.

I’m looking forward to working with you.

All the best

André Claren

Your contact person:

André Claren
André Claren

Tel.: 0371 / 531 35 587