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Application guideline

Kick-start your career: A job application guideline

You are about to apply for an internship or a job and are currently creating your application documents? Then you might have already found a variety of templates and contradicting advice which left you a tiny bit confused.

Don’t worry about it. We will help you to create an application you can confidently send out into the world. With this brochure, we provide you with examples on how to shape your documents with just the right information and design. Additionally, you will find background knowledge to understand what recruiters in Germany are looking for and how to avoid common mistakes.

For all that you can access our PDF. Enjoy reading and best of luck with your applications.

If you can’t access the file within your browser, you can also download it here: to the application brochure (file size approximately 9,8 MB)

When you have worked in all the suggestions into your documents and want someone to review them you can send them to us or arrange a consultation appointment.