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Scientific Integration of International Students


Workshops in Sommersemester 2018: here the programme.

Language assistance classes starting from April 16th with Haocheng Lou, Hannah Stupp und Mira Sophie Brünner: informations here. In Sommer term 2018, workshops for teaching will also be offered which may be recognised as a part of a saxone-state wide certificate for Quality teaching in saxonian Universities. More informations here.

Workshops organised by the TU Chemnitz Carreer Center

TU Chemnitz Career Center offers this upcoming summer term twice two workshops in English for international students:
- Applying in Germany on April 18th and May 23rd
- Optimizing Application Documents on May 8th and June 20th

Registration starts on April 3rd here:…/workshops/index.php…

All workshops and trainings offered within the project are free of charge.

You are welcome to join our group on Facebook:

The International Office organises an welcome week for international students arriving this sommer semester strating already on Friday, 23rd March. Here are the informations.