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Scientific Integration of International Students
Course Programme

Intercultural competence in academic contexts

In the framework of the ESF-sponsored project "Academic integration of international students", a three-stage course programme for students and PhD candidates has been developed. Academic supervision of the courses and issue of the certificates of participation are carried out by the junior professor of intercultural competence.

The course programme focuses on specific traits of German academic cultures and their practical implications. In our workshops and trainings, we address problems of communication between students and academic staff, learn about conventions of oral and written performance in class and tackle time management and other study-related issues ensuing from cultural differences in academia. However, the possible benefits of these course are not restricted to the period of study only. Intercultural competence is regarded as one of the central soft skills in the 21st century and its value on the job market is nowadays very high. By choosing to participate in the course programme, you acquire additional competencies that will help you pursue your course of study and may increase your professional chances later.

All courses are free of charge.

The overview of the programme: 

120 units*, 4 semesters; target group: students and PhD candidates; languages: English & German

Introductory level (25 Units)

  • 3 introductory workshops on cultural factors in academia (à 3 units)
  • Workshop „Written communication in academia“ (4 units)
  • Workshop „Oral communication in academia“ (4 units)
  • Integrative training „On the campus“ (6 units)
  • Invited paper (2 units)


  • Intercultural sensitisation
  • Avoidance of typical communication difficulties

Intermediate level (70 Units)

  • Workshop „Presentations in class“ (4 units)
  • Workshop „Team work in international groups“ (4 units)
  • 2 role games (à 4 units)
  • Workshop „Ambiguity tolerance“ (4 units)
  • Language assistance classes for students of technical disciplines (course 1 & 2 à 25 units)


  • Overcoming language barriers
  • Enhancement of  communicative and social competence

Advanced level (25 Units)

  • Simulation game to the purpose of cultural self-reflection (10 units)
  • Course „Basic theories of intercultural competence” (15 units)


  • Theoretical basics of intercultural competence
  • Development of transferable skills

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