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Scientific Integration of International Students
Workshops for Teaching Staff

Intercultural Encounters in the Classroom
Workshops for Teaching Staff

“Holy Temples of Science”? – Students from India at German Universities

Students from India: misunderstandings and problems in the classroom – or challenges of intercultural competence that require new strategies of communication on both sides and lead to an enrichment of academic life on campus?

In this workshop, we shall juxtapose the perspective of German lecturers with that of their international students and discuss successful strategies of communication in study settings that are based on mutual understanding and appreciation.

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Gala Rebane, Ashutosh Loyalka, Further information to be announced.

“The Silent Dao?” – Students from China in Study Settings

This workshop is dedicated to the discussion of challenges that often arise in study courses that are popular with students from China, and didactic strategies that help establish a collaborative and productive teaching and learning environment that takes into consideration the specific requirements of culturally mixed groups.

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Gala Rebane, Liang Chen, Further information to be announced.