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In cooperation with the Universitätsverlag of the Chemnitz University of Technology, the Federal Cluster of Excellence MERGE is publishing the journal “Technologies for Lightweight Structures” (TLS). The journal is a scientifically reviewed Open Access Journal and open to national and international experts of science and industry for the publication of new findings and developments in the field of multifunctional lightweight construction. Thereby an immediate, free availability of the first publication and an open access to the content is enabled. This variant is the so-called gold e-Journal and is realized by the Publications Service of the University Library in Chemnitz. The goal is to open the access on current knowledge in order to improve the cooperation of scientists, manufacturers and users in the key technologies of tomorrow.

Every accepted article is available in an open issue as soon as it is ready to be published. “After all articles for the current issue are published it is closed and a new edition is issued/new issue is being started in order to allow a faster visibility of the publications,” Dr. Jürgen Tröltzsch, managing director of the Federal Cluster of Excellence. The publisher of the journal on the side of the cluster focus on the content alignment of the journal, the enlisting of additional publishers and experts, the acquisition of articles and the acceptance or rejection of submitted articles. Prof. Dr. Lothar Kroll, head of Department of Lightweight Structures and coordinator of MERGE, functions as editor in chief of the editorial board.

The Open-Access team of the university library acts as point of contact and provides advice for scientists, takes on the task of cataloging published articles as well as the long-term archiving process and provides the publication software Open Journal Systems (OJS). Martin Bauschmann, journal manager of the Open-Access team, coordinates those tasks together with Dr. Jürgen Tröltzsch. Bauschmann illustrates: “We supervise all participants in the required activities on the OJS platform, coordinate the evaluation process and the editorial office as well as the communication with the MERGE marketing.”

The journal is issued regularly twice a year and with a special edition once a year. It is published in English but German articles will also be accepted and translated for the publication into English. The thematic focus of the publications lies on the fields of material sciences, manufactory technology, nano - and micro-electronics, system integration, sciences, simulation and quality control. “The journal supports the interdisciplinary and global exchange of scientists in various subdivisions of lightweight construction research,” Prof. Kroll states, emphasizing the advantages and encouraged interested parties to publish their scientific articles.

The cover and website design of the journal will use prospective photo-graphics that will be developed in an additional cooperation of the Federal Cluster of Excellence MERGE with the Zentrum für Lehrerbildung (ZFB) from the TU Chemnitz. Students in the fourth semester of the Professorship Primary school Didactics and Arts took pictures in the MERGE technology center and alienated them with digital image processing, creating unique, visual synergies of art and technology. The founding phase of the journal is almost completed. The website is activated and offers a first overview of the basic concept of the journal and thematic focuses of lightweight construction research.

Access to the journal and additional informations can be found on the homepage.

“Open Access“
... means literally and in a figurative sense an open access and offers a free access for the user of published media on the web. Authors do not need to pay for their publications on the platform and at the same time can keep their copyrights and attract attention of the international science community with their results in a faster way than through print media.


3rd January 2017