Proposal 2003 - 2006


TP 1

 G. Seifert, R. Scholz

 Molecular dynamics simulation of formation and reactivity of molecules and clusters

TP 2

 R. Scholz, M. Schreiber

 Theoretical investigations of the spectroscopic properties of silicon nanocrystals

TP 3

 T. Henning

 Astrophysical modeling chemistry in protoplanetary disks

TP 4

 S. Schlemmer

 Infra-red and far infra-red spectroscopy of molecular ions:
 from the hydronium ion (H3O+) via clusters to ice

TP 5

 A. Luca,
 D. Gerlich

 Reactions of stored cold ions with H atoms and molecules of interstellar relevance

TP 6

 F. Cichos,
 C. von Borczyskowski

 Photophysics and photochemistry at interfaces of silicon nanoparticles

TP 7

 D. Gerlich

 Growth and destruction of carbon-rich molecules and clusters under inter- and
 circumstellar conditions

TP 8

 H. Mutschke

 Gas phase condensation of carbon nanoparticles and their structural characterization

TP 9

 H. Mutschke,
 J. Blum

 Infrared spectroscopy and light scattering of dust agglomerates

TP 10

 J. Dorschner
 G. Wurm

 (only 2000 - 2003) Agglomerates and light scattering

TP 11

 F. Huisken

 Spectroscopy of astrophysically relevant molecules in the gas phase and in ultracold
 helium droplets

TP 12

 F. Huisken,
 W. Witthuhn

 Silicon nanocrystals in matrices and their relation to the Extended Red Emission


Gerlich 12.03.2007