Astrophysical Institute & University Observatory Jena

The main areas of activity in the AIU Jena is research in the field of star formation. The institute has three subgroups for laboratory astrophysics, numerical astrophysics and observations.

Physikalisches Institut Chemnitz

The research programs of the 16 departmental groups include basic theory, numerical methods, condensed matter physics, and modern experiments using lasers and trapping techniques.

Astrophysical chemistry
TMR Network 1996-2001

Experiments, Calculations, & Astrophysical Consequences of Reactions at Low Temperatures

Centre for Cosmic Chemistry and Physics
University College of London

The purpose of the Center is to apply research to fundamental chemical processes which are believed to occur throughout the universe.

Leiden Molecular Astrophysics group

The Molecular Astrophysics group in Leiden is composed of people working on various aspects of interstellar molecules (astrophysics, physics, chemistry)

Worldwide Molecular Astrophysics Resources
hosted by the Leiden Molecular Astrophysics group

Topics include: Molecules in space, Spectroscopy, Chemical kinetics and reaction rates, Grains and ices, Observations, Astrochemistry groups

Astronomy Information
Astrophysics Group at UMIST in Manchester

Topics include: Journals, Searching for articles and preprints, Magazines and libraries, News, Telescope links, AstroWeb, Astronomical Societies, E-mail Addresses and Star Pages

The Molecular Universe
research in astronomy, physics and chemistry

EoI within the 6 framework: The European Network of Excellence TMU is a planned cooperation of some 50 groups in 10 European countries

Herschel space observatory

The `Herschel Space Observatory' - the mission formerly known as FIRST - will perform photometry and spectroscopy in the 60-670 Ám range.

Herschel science work shop

Presentations from the Herschel Science Workshop 22-24 October 2001

HIFI Science site

Overview of the possible areas of research with HIFI.


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