4.13 Enhanced support in Abaqus/CAE for modeling fracture mechanics using XFEM

Product: Abaqus/CAE  

Benefits: When modeling fracture mechanics with the extended finite element method (XFEM) in Abaqus/CAE, you can now study stationary cracks in addition to growing cracks, specify a value for the enrichment radius, and specify a viscosity coefficient. These enhancements increase the coverage of Abaqus analysis product functionality.

Description: The following functionality for modeling fracture mechanics with XFEM is now supported in Abaqus/CAE:

Abaqus/CAE Usage: 
Property module: 
    Material editor: MechanicalDamage for Traction Separation Laws: select damage initiation criterion: 
    SuboptionsDamage Stabilization Cohesive: specify viscosity coefficient
Interaction module:
    Crack editor: Allow crack growth and Enrichment radius: Specify

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