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[ger08b], [ger08b]

On 30.09.2009, I retired from the TU Chemnitz. Since then I am engaged in several experimental activities in various laboratories






[ger13b]   D. Gerlich, S. Decker, Trapping ions at high temperatures: thermal decay of C60+

[jas13]      J. Jašík, J. Žabka, J. Roithová, D. Gerlich, Infrared spectroscopy of trapped molecular dications

[ger13a]   D. Gerlich, R. Plašil, et al. State specific stabilization of H+ + H2(j) collision complexes

Invited talks

SPIG 2012 Zrenjanin, Serbia, 27. - 31. 08. 2012

Experimental studies on HnDm+ collision systems n+m ≤ 5

GRC Gaseous Ions 2013 Galveston, TX, 24.02. - 01.03.2013,

Trapped macromolecules and nanoparticles:
mass spectrometry and optical analysis in an SRET

Workshop Laboratory Astrophysics 2013 Kassel, 30.09. - 02.10.2013

Trapping ions in very dense He at 4 K




Research projects,




Since Jan. 2011, I help as adviser in Jana Roithovás ERC funded project ISORI. In less than 2 years, a new ion trap instrument has been developed. A description and first results can be found in [jas13].

The cooperation with Stephan Schlemmer includes Nano particle mass spectrometry (NPMS), trapped particles at low and high temperatures, and, since 2013, a new cooperation with Igor Savic (Novi Sad) on "H3+ at low and high temperatures (supported by the DFG).

On August, 06. 2009, the AB-22PT apparatus was moved from Chemnitz to Prague. This unique instrument combines a cold effusive beam (H atoms) with a temperature variable 22-pole ion trap. From the cooperation with the group of J. Glosik several joint publications appeared, e.g. H + H, H+ + H2 radiative association, and N+ + H2 originated. Planned projects include H+ + D, H + D, HeH+ + H and NH+ + H.

Quantum systems, virtually free from outside perturbations. Trapped atomic and molecular ions are at the heart of this revolution, providing the key to a deeper understanding.

The main objective of this action is to study chemical processes relevant to the physical conditions encountered in the inter- and circumstellar stellar medium

research activities

FGLA DFG Forschergruppe Laboratory astrophysics (2000 -2006)

ITS LEIF EC Network Low Energy Ion Beam Facilities


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