In the year 1999 the ministers of education of 29 countries, underneath them Germany, signed the “Bologna Declaration on the European Space for Higher Education” with the objective to enhance significantly the international compatibility and global competitiveness of the European universities.

One of the main steps of the reform of the higher education system within the so-called “Bologna-Process” was the facilitation of the international mobility of students from and towards Europe, i.a. by the introduction of a two-cycle study system with the degrees “Bachelor” and “Master” in all member countries of the “European Higher Education Area” as well as by the simplified recognition of academic achievements earned abroad at the home university in the form of a consistent credit-point-system (ECTS).

At Technische Universität Chemnitz the process of conversion from the former structure of studies to the new internationally compatible BA/MA-study system is already completed for a while. By now, the 8 departments offer nearly 40 Bachelor- and 50 Master programs – and almost every semester additional offers are created!

The bachelor as the first professionally qualifying degree is awarded at Technische Universität Chemnitz after having completed successfully a three-year course of studies as a rule. Especially high-performing students have the opportunity to continue their studies and to further deepen their professional knowledge and methodical abilities by a Master course which takes normally two years. The Master degree serves not only as a further professional qualification but also as a proof of scientific qualification for doctoral studies.

Your contact at Technische Universität Chemnitz for all questions concerning admission to studies (i.a. enrolment, exeat, drop out) is the Student Service Point, for all matters concerning examination regulations and formalities (especially Transcripts of Records) the Central Examination Office and with regard to the professional organization of the studies the Central Course Guidance Service as well as the respective Student Advisors at the departments.